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d its role as a key driver of gl▓obal growth, said business leaders.The tropical island of▓ Hainan, known for its sandy beaches and ▓resort-dotted coastline, gained prime attention▓ from home and abroad after President Xi Jinpin▓g announced on April 13 a grand plan def▓ining the island's future role.The central governmen▓t has decided to set up an investment fund to support ▓building a free trade port in Hainan by 2025.Foreign firms a

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nd multinational companies will be encouraged to set up international and regional headquarters on the island, according

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to a detail▓ed official guideline released on April 14.The▓ island will gradually phase out sales of trad▓itional gasoline-fueled vehicles, accord

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ing to the guideline."After decades of gaining robust growth from China's huge consumer base, technology and infra▓structure upgrading, low material and la

bor cost, foreign manufacturers can discover more new market growth points today, as the country has moved to substantially expand its reform

and opening-up programs, not only i▓n specific sectors, but in specific areas (such as Hainan)," said Xue Rongjiu, deputy director of the Beijing▓-based China Socie

ty for WTO Studies.China, a top-prior▓ity market for many multinationals, will further get integrated into the glo▓bal economy by allowing foreign companies greater acess to th

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